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Jayson Hyatt

Jason Hyatt
VP & General Manager Of The Americas

Edgility: Redefining Intelligent Connectivity

Edgility is the vendor of choice for leading service providers and global enterprises, for innovative, large-scale, low-cost, connected edge computing solutions. Edgility brings the cloud experience to the on-prem edge, enabling you to easily deploy, update, and monitor business & connectivity apps on the edge, at scale, bringing them closer to their customers, and actionable data.

Edgility offers an integrated networking and compute solution, supporting Kubernetes and containers, AI optimization, and integrated network functions, including SD-WAN, NGFW and routing. Edgility offers customized connectivity solutions that are expensive to solve with off-the-shelf network appliances, and an e2e single pane of glass, Edge management and orchestration solution that optimizes operations where multiple NFs multiple boxes, and multiple management systems from different vendors are in play

Telco Systems, the maker of Edgility, is the leading vendor of innovative communications software products for the new generation of edge computing and enterprise networks, with over 40 years of experience in the design and development of high-performance network communications solutions.

Edgility enables us to efficiently manage vast numbers of physical edge devices which is critical, as our network rollout continues to scale.

David Tomalin, Group CTO, CityFibre

Edgility provides a single, all-in-one solution including all the orchestration tools we require.

Philippe de Lussy, CEO
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